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27 Nov

10 Top Funny Kids Sayings at Imagine Roussillon 2018

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We see a lots of kids here every year at Imagine Roussillon.  And they say a lot of funny things too!

We’ve decided to put together a list of the funniest sayings for you.

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Here is our selection of the favourite kids’ phrases heard around Imagine Roussillon in 2018.  We hope you like it!

  • France has very nice food, but Britain does have good pies.
  • Does Chinese food come from Chinisia?
  • Light bulbs give lots of great light – it’s a shame they can’t see it.
  • Mummy, always put on your sun scream.
  • Daddy, I understand how the sun comes from space to Earth, but how does it get all the way to Imagine Roussillon?
  • Moustaches are good but silly
  • When I’m 6 I’ll be 7
  • I understand some French words Daddy.  I just don’t understand it when you say them.
  • My water is really fresh – it comes from tomorrow.
  • I can’t decide if I like this French cake or not – it’s disgustilicious.
  • I’ve visited lots of countries – Brexit, London and Aqualand.

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