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12 Dec

Your Family Holiday in France – Don’t Forget Dad!

You can fill your boots online with great information about child friendly resorts and family holidays in France.

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There’s oodles of advice on getting the kids through the airport melée… plus pre-made lists of what Mum needs to pack… you name it, someone’s covered it. But what about Dad? He never seems to get a mention.

Meet the owners

You could almost be forgiven for thinking that the bloke in the family is just some tag-along who is taking up unnecessary space on the plane. He’s not talked about too much in the blogs and the comments, so is his presence on your French family holiday strictly necessary?

Three Cheers for Dad

Obviously we’re being a bit tongue-in-cheek here, but we’re going to stand up for Dads and the important rôles they play on holiday.

First up, there’s driving. Yep, all the car stuff is Dad’s job. You arrive at your holiday airport, spend a mere 50 minutes getting the car hire sorted and then bam! All eyes turn to Dad to get the family magically to their holiday resort.

Chill out at the pool

Like Superman, he’ll squash your 7 suitcases, Tetris-like, into the boot of your Astra. No problem.

Like a native French speaker, he’ll scan the road sign saying “tenez la droite” and he’ll … endure a moment of quiet terror because he has no idea what it means (“keep right” in case you’re wondering!). But Dad being Dad, he’ll pretend he’s understood it and will nod sagely.

And like a pro, he’ll reassure the kids in the back seat 427 times that “yes,we’re nearly there”. He will confidently swing the car in the correct direction at roundabouts, despite being racked with an inner terror about going the wrong way round.

Welcome to your Child Friendly Resort in France

Luxury child friendly France

OK, so it can be droll to make fun of Dad’s rôle in the family. But at Imagine Roussillon we think it’s important that Dads have a happy and fulfilling holiday, rather than just making sure Mum and the kids have a great time. As a Dad myself, I can shed some light here on the most important points.

A Bit of Time Off

Now this is a biggie. And as a Dad you can feel a bit selfish even thinking this, but sometimes you do just need a break. At Imagine Roussillon we make sure that you have wifi pretty much everywhere, and you’re never too far from a quality coffee machine either (Lavazza or Nespresso).

breakfast and coffee

In the mornings, Dads need coffee. This is indisputable, and is classed as a basic human right.  It’s one of the aspects that makes our little micro resort so parent friendly.

We love our kids, but it’s easier to enter into the afternoon pool splash session with extra gusto if you’ve had some chill-out time in the morning.

10.00 is fitness class time here – some Dads find this a great way to unwind and also to keep fit of course. Others go for a run and others still enjoy a croissant and a coffee in the sunshine. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you feel that you are re-charging your batteries.

Lounge around the Pool

Mornings at Imagine Roussillon are a great time for Dads to spend a bit of time around the pool, either having a leisurely swim or just a snooze. Many of the children are in kids club, so the pool area becomes an unofficial adult zone until late morning.

Child Friendly Holiday France

Heated Pools

Food and Drink

We happen be next to a great vineyard (with a shop!) and there are many shops selling French cheeses and other local products nearby. This can be one of the great pleasures of a French family holiday – al fresco meals on your apartment terrace with fine local foods and wines.

Parent Friendly Holiday

Of course, we offer you various meal options during your stay (particularly in July-September) so you won’t be going hungry. This is good news for everyone, because a hungry Dad is a grumpy Dad!

The barbecue – nobody would dare dispute the fact that this is Dad’s territory. His hunter-gatherer instincts come to the fore here as he rummages for twigs and other fire-lighting materials. Many of our barbecues are gas-fired however, so this technique isn’t strictly necessary. Instead, watch Dad as he confidently throws the family’s food onto the sizzling griddle – what a pro!


Fun in the Sun

Dads are also fun. It’s great seeing families having fun splashing about in our pools each afternoon, and these are special memories that you will take home with you.

kids in the pool

Don’t forget to take lots of photos along the way, because these times are precious and your holiday will pass at the speed of light. And if there are no photos, who will believe that Dad actually bought those luminous yellow shorts?


See you in the Summer

Well there you have it – a rare article that just talks about the adult male in the family.

We look forward to seeing all of you (Dads, Mums and kids) in the summer – don’t forget to get booked up before all the spaces go! Don’t worry about the space in the car, though – Dad’s got that covered.

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