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Luxury Child Friendly Resort France

 You Relax… they let off Steam!

Looking for a boutique resort holiday with a kids club in France? Relax, you’ve just found us. We know your children need to stay occupied and so we offer a fabulous three-step solution to keep them entertained:

  • Step One –    Morning: Enjoy our Kids Club. Loads of fun and activities for our lovely guests. 
  • Step Two –    Afternoon: jump in our heated pools. The kids will never want to leave!
  • Step Three – Head to the nearby sandy beaches. Transform your country kids into coastal kids!

This is why we’re the best place to stay with kids in France! Take a look at our video to get a taste of what we offer…

Our Ethos

Imagine Roussillon strives to be the best family friendly resort in the South of France. Our kids club is a big part of this and we’re very proud of it.  We offer a structured entertainment programme, but with the flexibility and personal attention that comes from welcoming just 6 families per week.

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What’s on Offer?

Activities vary each week according to the ages and personalities of the children.

Face painting fun with clay garden games treasure hunts nature trails Lego crafts & sticking rôle play games French lessons stories under the enchanted tree dressing up.

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Who can Come In?

Our drop-in kids club is for children aged 4.5 years up (younger children can attend with a parent) to older children of 12 years, or can follow the daily group activity.  At least one parent must be onsite if a child is being entertained by kids club.    Please see our FAQ at the bottom of the page for more information.

Read this article for idea of a toddler’s view on their holiday!

Enjoy a bit of Parent Time

Parent Time

Maybe you’ll sit at the café bar with a book and a coffee? Or how about a spot of sunbathing at our lovely pool complex? The pools tend to be pretty much adults only during the mornings, so make the most of it during your stay!

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Fenced and secure gardens during  Meal Nights

Covid Friendly choices.  Parents can choose to do a boxed carry out from our pizza kitchen or they can choose to sit communally in our garden bar and seated area.  Here’s an added bonus for parents.  The garden is small.  The carpark is fenced off and there are child security fences on the pool area.  The back garden is separated and it is up to parents to request this gate be chained close to stop kids running to the back play park.     The kids club garden will be available and is close to the seated area so parents can choose to close the gate and pen children in while they play.  It is easy for parents watching young kids.    Normally kids really enjoy  playing together and running around the small front garden. Kids Equipment can be provided for families on request – booster seats; high chairs or any other equipment.  Most parents with babies who are sleeping will be operating their remote security baby monitors and further equipment or extra toys can be borrowed by the family.  (these toys must be returned cleaned due to covid rules).  It will be up to parents to communicate with other families on their distancing and PPE rules if they do chose to sit out in the fresh air garden.  

Babysitting during meal nights

Friday night complex meet up

Please ask what is available on this night as sometimes there will be an organised meet up of families to help with packing and to swap contact details.  


Kids Club Timetable 2020

Imagine Roussillon LogoJuly & AugustMay, June, Sept. 


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Coronavirus – Some activities will be subject to change and children will be required to frequently wash their hands in kids club.  We will of course try to keep a 1m distance between the children as a much as possible! Young children cannot be guided so do need to be able to follow the group activity.  All equipment is cleaned after each activity.   Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

Imagine Roussillon LogoWhat ages of kids do you accept? Activities are created for 4.5 yrs and over, although you are welcome to join our group if you are younger and able to follow the activity.    It is important to stress that your children must want to come into and stay in kids club – we want them and you to be happy!  A parent may interact with the activity to help guide their child.  

Imagine Roussillon LogoWhat activities do they do? A large variety of different things as mentioned on this page.  We do our best to provide fun activities during each session.  

Imagine Roussillon LogoAre you a baby friendly resort? Yes! Our babysitting service in your apartment is for all ages, and we have many baby friendly facilities in all apartments. Please contact us for specific details. What if you’re taking your baby abroad for the first time?

Imagine Roussillon LogoAre you a crèche? No, we are not a legal communal creche facilities that would be open to the public or might offer the facilities to deal with the toilet needs and close contact required for guidance of small toddlers.  We are a simple organised club that provides daily group activities.  We do offer group toilet visits and provide comfort water breaks.  Our staff are trained to prepare kids to visit the garden with sun protection.   The activities are varied and are either interactive games or simple crafts.  We support parents who want a break as much as possible.  For example, the tea/coffee bar is situated next to the kids club  garden and can act as a pen for a young child who is being supervised by a parent if the child won’t join the group activity.  It should be noted that the club and it’s gardens must be available for the Kids Club group activity during kids club hours so parents will need to consult with the supervisor and be aware of the daily activity.  We can ensure that garden perimeter fences are secured, and there are other small toys that parents can choose to borrow.   The idea is simply to give you a break and give the kids lots of fun. Our staff (all of whom we know personally) are either mothers themselves or have experience entertaining and supervising children.

Imagine Roussillon LogoWhat about nappies and bottle feeding? Unfortunately we do not offer these facilities, except during the evening babysitting sessions in your apartment.  However we are a very small complex, so your apartment is only a few steps away from the kids club.

Imagine Roussillon LogoCan we leave the site? For insurance and safety reasons we insist that at least one parent remains on site whilst their children are in the kids club.  This normally means that Dad gets sent out to do the shopping whilst Mum enjoys a coffee at the bar!

Imagine Roussillon LogoWill the kids enjoy it? We hope so! We offer a wide range of fun activities for the children, and as we are such a small facility we can easily adapt our programme to suit the children each day.

Imagine Roussillon LogoAre you similar to other country style kids resorts in France? There are other specialist resorts who offer a similar concept, but often at a much higher price than Imagine Roussillon. Also they tend to be a long, long way from the beach. One particular specialist child-friendly resort has repeatedly threatened us with legal action if we dare to compare ourselves with them, so we must be doing something right!

Imagine Roussillon LogoDo you offer a luxury holiday experience?  Luxury with kids has another meaning.  Our complex will allow parents some peace of mind but cannot unfortunately take away the normal burden of parenting and the challenges presented by children.  We have been complimented on being able to engage younger children who actually really enjoy being able to join a group.   We offer great facilities which give you and your young offspring extra comforts. Air-con, heated pools, wifi, great coffee and so on.  When it’s all put together, we hope you feel at least a bit pampered!


Kids face painting

We include a night of babysitting for you (May-September, no age restrictions – includes babies and toddlers!) so you can nip away and have a meal in one of Canet or Perpignan’s amazing restaurants – don’t worry, we’ll phone you if there’s any problem.

Our babysitters are all known to us personally and most have looked after our own young children at various times. They stay in contact with us during the evening to ensure everything runs smoothly.

For 2021, we offer one night’s babysitting in all seasons (your own babysitter in your own apartment) plus a second kids club film night during July & August where you bring your children to kids club at 19.00. The staff then keep an eye on the little ones whilst you enjoy a glass of wine at the bar or on your terrace. Please note: On occasions that there will be a  film night  it is for children aged 3 and over – please contact us for further information.

Our aim is to help you relax – after all it can be stressful if you are bringing your baby or toddler abroad for the first time.

Remember that our meal nights  are a good opportunity for your to meet other families and to let children play with other kids.  Kids that play together are happy kids. 


We’re your Baby Friendly Bolthole in France

Baby Friendly Holidays

We’re small and family-run – but with that professional touch that’s really hard to find elsewhere. The South of France and Spain are full of impersonal hotels, but a true baby friendly bolthole where you can feel at home during your stay is as rare as hens’ teeth.

Need help booking a restaurant? We’ll help. Baby crying and you need a break? Come to the bar and we’ll make you a coffee.

Baby Friendly Holiday France

Imagine Roussillon feels like a home-from-home. Guests say that they feel instantly relaxed here, not least because their babies, toddlers and older children are safe and happy.

Lots of companies offer you a specialist family friendly holiday, but very few deliver.  A lot of that is to do with service – personal service.  We offer that in spades here – whether it’s in the kids club, the fitness studio & classes or with our complimentary concierge service.

This finely-honed combination of location, facilities and service is what we do best.

Book now before your favourite apartment gets reserved by somebody else!