Credit Cards & Exchange Rates

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Our guests quite naturally worry sometimes about credit cards, exchange rates and the like.  We don’t want you to fret, so we’ve come up with a great solution to make your payments cheaper.

Feeliing Ripped Off?

First of all, let us be clear that we at Imagine Roussillon don’t charge you any credit card or exchange rate fees – it’s your own bank or card company who is the baddie here.  

What is this great Solution?

To make things cheaper for you, we have opened an account with Transferwise – the new kid on the block of international money transfer.  Should you so wish, we can issue you with an invoice in sterling (for our UK guests) which you can then pay in sterling as a normal UK bank transfer – simple as that.  

You make a UK bank transfer in sterling to Transferwise. You will pay much less than via credit card or international bank transfer and also receive the mid bank exchange rate – usually much better than your bank or your credit card company will offer you and without the extortionate add-on fees and hidden exchange rate charges which often seem to appear out of nowhere.

Please note that we are in no way affiliated with this company and we receive nothing by offering you this service.

The Advantages for You

  • No credit card involvement
  • No international transfers
  • No nasty bank or card fees.

The Advantages for Us

We avoid a small credit card fee from our bank, but otherwise we do not benefit in any way, except for having happy guests, but that’s good enough for us!

So How do I book my Holiday?

You just book your holiday as normal.  Our booking site will ask you to enter your credit card details but don’t worry about this – you do need to enter the details but we won’t take any payment if you send an accompanying email to saying you would like to pay by Transferwise.  

We do need to have a valid credit card for all guests, but as all payments are taken personally by either Phil or Emma at Imagine Roussillon, there is no mysterious third party at work!

If you would like more details, please contact us.