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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be open in Summer 2021 and under what conditions?

Yes we are open May – October 2021.  Certain aspects (eg massage and kids club will certainly be subject to alterations, but please see this page for up-to-date booking policies.  Contact us for any specific questions you may have.  Covid will mean extra consultation time for activities.  It will also mean that we need to be more. thorough with PPE; clean downs and distancing.  Our timetable will be altered and fitness classes are now scheduled for late afternoon.  

Are you an alternative (similar) to other Country style Kid Friendly Complexes in France?

We have various competitors who try to offer a similar experience to Imagine Roussillon. At the top end of the market are some eye-wateringly expensive specialist micro resorts which will happily set you back between €9000 – €10000 per week for your summer holiday!  One particular market-leading mini resort has threatened us repeatedly with legal action if we even dare to mention their name (yes really!) so you’ll have to take our word for it that we offer a brilliant alternative but at a much more reasonable price and in a better location (and with better fitness facilities too).

We are similar in size and scope to these resorts but we offer a very strong alternative with our lower prices, excellent location near the beach and unrivalled fitness facilities on site.

Imagine Roussillon also has the advantage of being located right next door to an award-wining vineyard!  Many dozens of bars, restaurants and restaurants are located within 15 minutes’ drive of our safe, gated child-friendly resort.

So yes we are similar to other country style kid friendly complexes in France but you won’t be surprised to hear that we think we’re much better value!

What is included in the price?

Please see the what is included page. Our website will give you a feel of what we offer, but remember we are making improvements all the time to give you an even better holiday experience. Our core concept though is to provide high quality holiday accommodation with a great selection of services on-site. Fitness classes, gym, breakfast, kids entertainment and so on.  For 2018 there will be more included than ever before, as this is what our guests have requested.

Why are you better than all the others?

Our location is unrivalled; our proximity to Spain in effect gives you 2 countries for the price of 1. We are very unusual in offering a drop-in kids’ club at such a small venue. We also offer secure parking, babysitting included, inclusive fitness classes in our bespoke fitness complex… alongside newly-renovated high-quality accommodation. And the lovely pink flamingos live in the lagoon just down the road!  All in all, the package of location and facilities that we offer is unbeatable.

Are you a Gite Complex?

We don’t like the word “gîte” (but that’s just us!) but yes we are essentially a very small cluster of 6 gîtes on the outskirts of Canet en Roussillon in the South of France. We operate at the top end of the market, catering for those who want a quality holiday that combines the best elements of hotel and self catering vacations.  So in effect we are an unusual « hybrid » of gite complex and hotel, as our clients want the privacy and facilities of a well-appointed apartment.  This is then combined with a bar, pool complex, kids club and fitness centre.

We’ve never been to Languedoc-Roussillon. Is it worth a visit?

Absolutely! This beautiful region offers massive choice for everyone, from culture to beaches to sports to nightlife. We stock a range of tourist information on site to help you choose. One holiday won’t be quite enough to take it all in.  The region has been re-named Occitanie (no, we don’t know why either) but this doesn’t make any practical difference.

Will the kids be safe?

We take toddler and child safety very seriously and are constantly making improvements to keep little ones safe. The site is fenced and gated and we supply appropriate safety equipment on request in your accommodation e.g. stair gate, socket protectors, corner furniture protectors etc.

Will the kids be entertained?

We have a play park on site; a play lawn; a pétanque court; a mini golf putting green; a mini kids activity club;  weekly fitness cardiovascular, resistance, stretch classes available for adolescents, mums and dads; Paid services for bien etre massage; personal training; pilates, sports therapy massage;& Hot & cold stones massage.   Nearby is everything from simple vine walks to view point Giants Bench;  Bird watching at the Canet Etang; cycle or walking on the pedestrian path;  St Nazaire assault course is close for die hard exercisers;  pony riding, lake walks, the beach, mountains, go-karting, kids’ beach clubs and water parks etc. The kids club aims to provide interactive activities to allow all kids to join in with some group activity and even the parents can join in some of the fun at  kids club.

Which airports are you near?

Perpignan, Beziers, Carcassonne and Girona are the closest, but Toulouse, Barcelona and Montpellier are also feasible.  Perpignan is the closest at 20 minutes’ drive away, with Carcassonne and Beziers next at about 1 hours 15.  Gerona is 1 hour 30, with the others about 2 hours. Please see our How to Get Here section for more details.

How far is it to Spain? Will we need our passports?

Spain is about 35 minutes’ drive and it always makes sense to carry your passport for identification purposes. You can also take a train from nearby Perpignan. The new TGV goes direct to Figueres (Dali Museum) in about 80 minutes.  Barcelona is 1 hour 20 away by train.

Are you in the countryside or a town?

Both – we are on the edge of Canet en Roussillon (5 minutes’ drive or 20 minutes by bike). We are in quiet countryside but very close to both Canet, Perpignan and the beach.  This enables your kids to enjoy both the country and the coast on their holiday.


Some photos of our holiday club and the surrounding area