Boutique Self-Catering Resort In France

Luxury Child Friendly Resort France

If you want to have unlimited freedom to create your own meals in a luxury apartment during your family holiday, our boutique self-catering resort in France is the perfect offer for you.

Here at Imagine Roussillon, we offer family-friendly fun for parents and children alike. During your stay you and your children can enjoy the holiday the way that suits you without worrying about having to constantly find something appealing for both parties.

You can spend time in your own apartment cooking meals of your own accord or enjoy being provided tasty foods from our resort. From paella to pizza and other such delights, you can enjoy a pleasant meal while admiring the evening sky.

We understand that you love your children but may want some time away from them to relax. No need to worry as your children will be and can be seen eating separately at the kids club with our friendly staff right from your table. This means that you can enjoy taking part in social enjoyments with other guests and take some quality me time.

If you don’t fancy cooking or going out for a meal, we also have a compact selection of tasty ready meals for you and your children to enjoy.

To find out more about our resort, you can take a look through our website or give us a call on 00 33 630 58 67 64.