Luxury Child Friendly Resort France

16 Sep

Family Holiday in France with Wifi & Babysitting

Admit it, we all need our wifi!

Luxury Child Friendly Self Catering in France

Well rest assured that at Imagine Roussillon, we have 15mb/s (whatever that is) wifi – to you and me, it’s fast enough to not be annoying!

There is wifi at the bar, in and outside your apartment and at the pool area too, so you’ll never be out of touch, unless you want to be of course.  A family holiday in France with wifi and babysitting – sounds ideal!   Of course we have a kids club, fitness studio many other things that we won’t mention here.  Have a browse of our site to get a full flavour of what Imagine Roussillon has to offer.


Is your WIFI any Good Then?

Most good French family holidays are located outside of the cities, so we don’t have fibre or any of that posh stuff.  Having said that, we do have a speed of 15 thingies per second, which is pretty good!  15mbps – that’s a great wifi speed for the French countryside.  We have competitors in the cities who struggle with 2mpbs, so we’re pretty pleased that we can offer you this quality service.

We use CPL wifi plug-ins as well as our main router, to ensure that your family holiday in France with wifi and babysitting doesn’t end in disappointment and bad connections. Each apartment has its own device, with further boxes at the bar and the pool, so you should always be able to get your fix.

On the rare occasions when we have a problem, the ashen faces of guests peering down from their balconies is a clear indication that the internet isn’t functioning correctly – normally a 5-minute reset is all that is required to get everybody back online.


I’m Happy about the Wifi – what about the Babysitting?

We are unusual (and almost unique) in offering private babysitters to your apartment as part of your holiday package, depending on season. 

Your babysitter normally arrives (in an Imagine Roussillon t shirt and with an ID badge) at 19.30, ready for your 3 hours of complimentary babysitting.  Don’t worry, if you need more time you can add that on for a small charge.

Family Holiday with Babysitting

Relax in the South of France with babysitting included!

Our guests swap mobile numbers with their babysitter – this means that if you are pining or worrying whilst out in your lovely restaurant, you can text or phone to get immediate reassurance that your little ones are fine back at base.

There are very few holidays with babysitting included – Imagine Roussillon works hard to offer you what we call The Right Blend of Everything.