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10 Oct

Toddler Friendly Holidays in France

A Toddler’s Perspective!

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Imagine Roussillon stories under the Eucalyptus tree.

toddler in kids club

Fun in our kids club! BABYSITTING INCLUDED

Just for fun, let’s look at your next holiday through the eyes of your toddler. Instead of wading through the tedium of flights, packing and sun cream, we’re going to instead immerse ourselves in the binary world of small beings. In this universe, everything is either fun or rubbish; happiness or tantrums.  There isn’t much in-between it seems!

So here goes, a description of a great holiday – from the point of view of a toddler.



I’m Two Years Old – Where do I want to Go on Holiday?

First, I want my holiday to be warm, so I don’t have to put my coat on – that’s boring. I don’t mind wellies if it rains, though, because splashing in puddles is great fun, especially when it annoys Mum! So make sure we’re in the Mediterranean Mum.

Let’s Make Sure there’s a Beach

Next – we have to be near the beach. Mum and Dad think we’re country kids, but no! We’re COASTAL kids and we love SAND! Look at it my way… if you take me to the beach I’ll be no trouble all day. Not only that, who’s ever heard of a toddler breaking or knocking over a beach? And if I have a tantrum, no-one will care. Have I convinced you now?

Canet beach

And another thing – no long flights please. I get very bored on planes, so a flight of two hours is the most I’m prepared to do without causing a scene. And you don’t want that, do you? Don’t forget that we’re talking toddler friendly holidays here.

toddler friendly beach south of france

Hotel or Apartment?

I do like hotels, but I don’t want to you take us to one please. I like all the great things there like the pools. The problem is that you then take me back to that little room all the time and tell me to keep quiet.

Luxury child friendly resort France

Our lovely Oriole apartment

Hotel rooms are boring. They’re too small, there’s nothing to do and I can’t run around or get outside to play. So please let’s go to an apartment or a villa where I can get outside and enjoy myself. You’ll be able to sit on your terrace to watch me so you’ll be happy too!

Flamant Rose Living Room 1

Our apartments

Our apartment will have grown-up things to make you happy. A washing machine and a dishwasher and that wifi thing that makes you look at your phone. And one of those funny kitchen machines that makes the nasty hot brown liquid that you drink. Yuk.

Kids Club Please

Yes Mum we definitely need to make sure that there’s one of these. That means we have to be in a little resort please. Make sure it’s one with fences and gates all around so that you don’t worry about me running off. It’s starting to sound like we need to be in one of the best resorts for toddlers in France isn’t it? If you grown ups are going to be happy as well as me, we need a perfect blend of facilities. Hope you’re impressed with my vocabulary!

resort with kids club

Imagine Roussillon kids club

Where was I? I want lots of activities – painting, sticking, games, running around, nature trails, face painting and lots more. I don’t have the world’s longest attention span so it’s important that whoever is in charge of this kids club can adapt quickly.

Swimming Pools – Make sure it’s Toasty!

Here’s something that you mums and dads always forget. I get cold easily. 95% of all holiday swimming pools are too cold and I don’t like it.

Relax with babies and toddlers on holiday

Please make sure that we have at least one (preferably two) heated pools, at least 28 degrees in temperature. Otherwise I’ll only stay in a few minutes and you’ll wonder why you bothered! Do you really want me to start shivering and feeling sorry for myself??


Now I do understand that you want to go out occasionally at night. I might well sulk and make you feel guilty, but really it’s fine.

Babysitting Included

Make sure that you leave me with somebody who has been properly checked and who is nice, though. Because if I’m not asleep yet I want to have a fun time and maybe play some games with the babysitter.


Safety – the Best Resort for us Toddlers

I need to be kept safe. The pool has to be fully fenced and gated – and so does the car park. And for that matter the whole resort, so I can’t get onto the road.

In our apartment I need socket protectors, stair gates, smoke alarms, baby monitor, plastic cutlery and crockery and lots more besides. Because I know that when you feel confident Mum, I get away with being cheeky!


Thanks for listening to me – that doesn’t happen too often when you’re only two!

So now you know what makes the best toddler friendly holiday in France. A small, safe complex with lots of hotel-like facilities, but a proper apartment so we have lots of space and our own freedom.

Great view of Imagine Roussillon

My pools must be heated and I want a play park and a staffed kids club too, where I can go and play every morning with the other kids.

And for you grown-ups, there’s wifi, fitness classes and a gym, a cafe bar and much more. And we’re close to the beach.

All in all, Mum, we have to go to Imagine Roussillon, the best resort for toddlers in France.

Imagine Roussillon kids facilities








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