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4 Nov

Post-Covid Safe Family Holiday in France

We’re all desperate to move on, aren’t we? We’re all on the lookout for a safe family holiday in France.

Everyone is still concerned about covid, but we want our lives to continue and above all we want to go on holiday!  The great news is that a post-covid safe family holiday in France is more than possible…

Safe Family Holiday in France

So How do we Move On whilst staying Safe?

Here at Imagine Roussillon, we have always specialised in family holidays for those with babies, toddlers and young children.

This means that safety has always been at the forefront of what we do, ever since we first opened our specialist little resort in 2012.

2020 was a time of paralysis for all of us; a new pandemic that nobody knew how to deal with had just descended on the world. In 2021, we know much more and we have evolved ways of dealing with day-to-day situations.

Kids Club

Fun family micro resort

Our kids club is always clean and welcoming. Remember too that we have only a maximum of 6 families on site at any one time, so there are no crowds and social distancing is easy to apply when necessary.

We operate as much as possible with the huge doors open, so the children are playing in the fresh air, whilst still remaining shaded.  Children are also required to wash their hands when entering.

We discovered in 2020 that imagination games were hugely popular with the children – they love the idea of acting out imaginary situations, whilst the adults don’t worry about lots of surfaces being touched.

A Safe Complex

Our entire complex is fenced and gated to ensure that no outsiders ever enter.  We also have great cleaning staff who ensure that your apartment is pristine when you arrive to enjoy your vacation.

The pool area is always spotlessly clean – a far cry from the horrors that you often face in a large hotel.

Your Safe Family Holiday in France

Near the Beach


We are a family-run establishment, offering just 6 apartments.  Phil and Emma are always available to make sure that standards are high and cleanliness is being maintained.

Why not send us an email if you have any questions, and find out how we can offer the perfect safe family holiday for you in 2021?



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