Luxury Child Friendly Resort France

9 Jan

Self Catering v Camping v Hotel

France is the world’s favourite holiday destination.  And for Europeans it makes sense – the South of France is warm and sunny, it’s civilised, close to home and has fabulous scenery, food and wine.  

Having got the country right, there’s still a long way to go before you end up with your ideal luxury family holiday of course, and that is where we can help.  As parents of young children ourselves, we are painfully aware of the requirements, desires and pitfalls involved in booking a quality family holiday.   OK so it’s easy to get a basic gite, a campsite or a hotel, but they always leave something out, something that niggles.  


The campsites are great fun and super-cheap but you are shoe-horned into a tent or a caravan in sweltering temperatures for a week – that’s the luxury out of the window then.  But they do have the advantage of lots of ready-made friends for the kids so the older ones will be able to go off and play by themselves.  Unfortunately that doesn’t hold good for babies and toddlers so you might find yourself fending for yourself in your caravan or tent!


What about a gite then- a great choice, as you get privacy, independence and if you search well you will find some lovely properties.  But is the location good enough?  And hands up – who’s looking forward to making all those meals and having no entertainment on hand for the kids?  


So that’s decided – go for a hotel.  Luxury, your meals made for you, a pool, job done!  But hang on, you’ll be cooped-up in a single (or maybe two – even more costly) rooms all week.  No chance for a cheeky glass of wine in the evenings as there’s no chance at all of the kids getting to sleep when they’re supposed to!

Doh, it seems like you are going to be up against it whatever you choose…

Imagine Roussillon – the Best of All Worlds

These are exactly the thought processes that led us to create Imagine Roussillon.  We wanted to offer luxury family holidays in the South of France that families with babies and toddlers could really enjoy.   We are fabulously-located 8 minutes’ drive from the sandy Med beaches.   Our property is baby and toddler friendly, fully fenced and gated, the pool is salt-water and heated, in peak season there are fitness classes included in the price (along with a gym), we give you breakfast each morning, 2 nights of babysitting etc. etc.

We know of nowhere else that can offer this combination of great location (most places are stuck in the middle of nowhere), some catering, child facilities and fitness & massage offerings.

Don’t delay – Summer 2015 is booking up fast so don’t suffer a dodgy compromise on your luxury family holiday in the South of France this year – enjoy the best of life at Imagine Roussillon.