Best Baby Friendly Holidays France

Luxury Child Friendly Resort France

Stop your search for best baby friendly holidays in France and choose us!

Going on holiday with your baby might seem counterproductive when you take into consideration the number of “things” and facilities you need to get through the day. With many hotels not offering much help with the baby, it may not feel like a holiday at all, leaving you feeling more stressed than you were before you arrived. Instead of option for an overcrowded hotel or a villa that isn’t catered to children, consider us if you want to have a truly relaxing experience.

Escape the busy home life by taking a trip to this beautiful country and spend time relaxing in a resort that is catered to every member of the family

By staying with Imagine Roussillon, we make sure that Mum, Dad and baby all get a well-deserved break. We have all the facilities you need to make your life that little bit easier, and we even provide baby-sitting services so you can unwind in our heated pool or simply take in the wonderful scenery.

We offer plenty of space to explore, facilities that are catered to kids and adults and enough food and drinks to see you through. Better yet, you’ll feel right at home in a modern apartment that’s fitted with all the latest interior design work and unique to each other on the resort.

Alongside the luxury landscapes, there are also many modern shops, old historical buildings, the natural history museum and more to explore. This means that you have plenty to do with your little ones outside of the resort if you desire to travel around the area.

There is so much for you to see and do upon your visit to our resort with your children, so don’t miss out on booking your next holiday to our luxury resort today!

You can find out more and book through our website or give us a call to discuss additional enquiries on 00 33 630 58 67 64.