Baby Friendly Holidays In France

Luxury Child Friendly Resort France

Have you recently been blessed with a new-born baby? Do you want them to experience their first holiday in Europe to celebrate their arrival? For suitable and baby friendly holidays in France, take a look through our offers here at Imagine Roussillon.

Our business thrives on providing amazing and affordable experiences that can be enjoyed by all the family. Located within 15 minutes of exciting restaurants, bars and kids entertainment, we have a wide selection of things for you to do, see and experience when you visit our resort.

When you bring your child to Imagine Roussillon, we have a huge selection of kids entertainment for your child to experience. From pony riding to enjoyable toys and games, we’re sure that your baby will love their time here and with you as a family.

We understand that the safety of your baby is of the utmost importance when visiting somewhere new. That is why we have fenced and gated the site to ensure that you can have peace of mind about your child’s safety. Additionally, we have safety equipment if you request things for your accommodation, including corner furniture protectors.

If you would like to know more about our baby friendly holidays in France, or would like to book an experience with our company, you can give us a call on 00 33 630 58 67 64. Alternatively, you can email us at